Microcosm 0.1.4 Release - Notice for Folks With Saved Games!

Hey everyone! Microcosm 0.1.4 is out, with a few changes.

The most important thing to note in this update is the introduction of a versioning system to Microcosm's .cosm save file format. This will allow savefiles to automatically be upgraded to the latest version when you load them in a newer version of Microcosm than the one they were created in. Please note that there will still probably be breaking changes to the savefile format in the future, but this versioning system should make those breaking changes less frequent.

If you have saved worlds you'd like to continue working on in future versions of Microcosm, make sure to re-save them using this release! The next version of Microcosm will be taking advantage of the versioning system.

There are two other additions. The first is dynamic render scaling, which helps to significantly improve framerate stability in large scenes. Secondly, the maximum size of the box drawing mode has been increased from 16^3 to 32^3!

Thanks for playing,

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