It’s harvest season, and the apples are growing quick. Search for ripe apples, chop them down with your boomerang, and collect them in your truck before they hit the ground!

Be careful, though. The normally-peaceful Inches have sensed the feast and started their yearly assault. A few bad apples will spoil the batch, so watch out for falling Inch-infested apples!

Controls: A/D or arrows to move, mouse to look, click to boomerang!

Made from scratch in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 52. Check out the Ludum Dare project page to learn more or give a rating!

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This game is simple, but real fun! It is quite similar to my first game :)

Like the simple pixel art and arcade style gameplay.


funny game👍


Nice, I got a score of 66!


Good job, thanks for playing!